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"We can't afford to keep allowing someone who thinks so little of those he represents to represent a District that does not believe the same way."

Meet Torrey

Progressive Challenger, Torrey Harris, is a proud community leader and advocate for all Human Rights and Equal Opportunity here in Memphis, Tennessee. Torrey came to Memphis in 2011 by way of corporate relocation and has made the obvious decision to 'Choose 901'. Torrey believes that everyone should be given the same chances and opportunities he was presented with. He serves as a board member and a member of organizations both local and national: Christian Brothers University Buccaneer, New Memphis Alum, Shelby County Young Democrat [Treasurer], Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, NAACP, Memphis Urban League, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Board Member for CHOICES Memphis Reproductive Health & Birth Center, Board Member for Friends For Life Corporation HIV/AIDS Care & Prevention Services. Black Business Association of Memphis and other community-based and national organizations. Torrey has built a great career in Human Resources doing what he does best, listening to and helping people. He lives by the mantra, "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them."

Torrey serves as a mentor and passionate motivator for young people in building and developing them to be the best at who they are and at what they can do; and to always think for the future. Serving as a volunteer with many organizations locally, Torrey has touched lives significantly.


Although younger than most, a company executive saw enough in Torrey years ago to give him leadership opportunities and people skills that would build and display who he is today. With this, he was inspired to continue in his career of people development in an effort to bring out the best in others, be a voice for concerns they may have, and be an outlet for opportunities many would not get elsewhere and continues to do so today in the both the Non-Profit sector and his leadership role at Shelby County Government. Torrey is also an entrepreneur and small business owner.


Over the last decade, Torrey has been an outspoken voice for progressive and immediate equality, calling for discussions around what matters to those effected by the policies and laws. Through his experiences, talking with thousands of Memphis citizens, Torrey understands that his life's work has to be on building a better Memphis for those to come behind him. "Our children and youth are our best asset, we need to empower our educators, assist our parents, hold our state and government leadership accountable, support our local businesses, respect race and culture, honor women's choices and create livable situations for our disabled, special needs, and those in need of better healthcare and the time for that is now."


Torrey is running for Tennessee House of Representative, District 90. Torrey is a part of the community he serves and plans to continue the discussions around what matters to those within this district, this city, and this state. Torrey, a young Black African American man understands the adversities of sexuality, the judgement of ones religious preference, having to go the extra mile because of race, and how age and gender plays a part in fair treatment. Together we can develop affordable opportunities and fair choices that better the lives of every Memphian & Tennessean. Torrey is running for the people and promises to listen to all concerns, respond to all matters in the best possible way and be a Representative of what the District wants regardless of personal thought, values, or beliefs. 

Torrey was the only individual to challenge the incumbent elected official for the seat of District 90 in 2018 losing only by a small margin and, with the community beside him for a second time, will unseat the incumbent on August 6, 2020.



"We deserve better for District 90. It's time to pass the baton."


Torrey Believes in


Torrey believes, like most in this district and state, that the School Voucher Program is not the answer to giving all of our children the resources and education that they undoubtably deserve. We must not take away money from our Public Schools to give away to Private Schools. We must stand together to empower our educators, hold accountable our administrators, support our parents, and do all that we can to get more funding for our Public Schools so that our children can receive the help and development they deserve. The current representative voted with Republican members to pass the Voucher Bill in Tennessee by one vote.


As your State Representative, Torrey will defend public education.